Mindful Compassionate Living


Tired of being self-critical and judgmental?

8-Week Mindful Compassionate Living course  builds upon the foundation of mindfulness practice and teaches you a wide range of compassion practices designed to deepen your capacity for self and other forgiveness, kindness, empathy and selfless service. This course will help to heal your habitual judgemental mind by opening you to your true nature of acceptance, joy, compassion and service.

This course is a research based program designed to help you effectively deal with pain, stress and/or suffering, in whatever form it presents itself– physical, mental, emotional or relational.  Every human being has a capacity for  mindfulness and compassion and our 8-week course teaches you the skills to increase: emotional balance, relationship harmony, self and other compassion and forgiveness which research shows improves overall  health and well-being.

What you learn:

Week 1 – Mindfulness practice and the 3 emotional regulations systems: threat, drive and soothing

Week 2 – Benefits of stress reduction and self-compassion

Week 3 – Identifying and balancing destructive thoughts and emotions

Week 4 – Cultivating self and other compassion

Week 5 – Cultivating self and other forgiveness

Week 6 – Connecting to your common humanity i.e. life is challenging for everyone, I am not alone

Saturday practice intensive 9 to 3pm, TBA

Week 7 – Cultivating compassion in everyday life

Week 8 – The healing power of compassion

Class format: Eight classes held weekly, two-hours long, plus a Saturday retreat from 9:30 to 2:30.

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Registration $270.  Includes workbook, guided practices and on-line resources. Scholarships are available based on need.

For additional information or questions, call Eric Nelson @ 1-269-553-6621 or email EricVnelson1@gmail.com


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