5-Stage Mindfulness Practice I

6- Week – 5- Stage Mindfulness Practice I 

This course is for both beginner and intermediate meditators. The course is based on the 9-stages meditation practice described in the book The Mind Illuminated by lifelong meditator and neuroscientist John Yates. This mindfulness training system is one of the clearest road maps available for developing a successful and effective mindfulness practice.  Most mindfulness courses teach stage 1-3 and stop.  In this course you will learn stages 1-5 (for more advanced training you can take a follow-up course that teaches stages 6-10).  By applying stages 1-5 you will dramatically increase your capacity of attention and mindfulness and learn the various skills need to work through such difficulties as distraction (both subtle and gross), techniques to work with sleepiness and anxious mental states, learn to increase continuity of attention and reduce mind wandering and much more.

Our 6-week course teaches you essential mindfulness practices based on Asanga’s 9-Stages of Meditation.  You will learn stages 1-5, which provides a solid foundation in mindfulness practice (9-Stages of Mindfulness II teaches stages 6-10).

This Mindfulness training will help you see that when you resist life, by either grasping onto pleasant experiences or pushing away unpleasant experiences, you create stress and suffering.  You learn that by being mindfully present in your everyday life you can ride the ups and downs we all encounter and related to them with less stress, fear or anger.

What you learn:

  • Stage 1 – Establishing a Daily Practice by connecting to our motivation to practice
  • Stage 2 – Interrupted Continuity of Attention. Working with mind wandering.
  • Stage 3 – Extended Continuity of Attention. Mind wandering dramatically reduces.
  • Stage 4 – Uninterrupted Continuity of Attention. Gross distractions subside.
  • Stage 5 – Sustaining Full-minded Attention. Freedom from dullness with capacity to notice subtle distractions and let them go before become gross distraction.

Registration fee $200, includes manual, handouts and on-line resources.  For additional information email:  EricVnelson1@gmail.com or call Eric @ 269-553-6621.

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